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John is a former military aerospace intelligence analyst with a life-long interest in the "black world" of covert and special ops, government secrets and coverups, world-wide conspiracies, UFOs, ETs, secret technology and much more. He spent years working on defense projects for Hughes Aircraft and Rockwell (from the AMMRAM missle to the National Aerospace Plane, and many others). After leaving military aerospace, was a key contributor to Atlantis Rising magazine for the better part of a decade.


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His years "in the trenches," working for military aerospace firms, and years afterward researching and writing about sensitive and controversial subjects,  have given him high-level contacts within government and industry that are unmatched. In just the short time since the debut of John Kettler Investigates, John has scooped the major media on a number of important stories, in large part because of his well-placed sources. It's the kind of cutting-edge coverage you can expect as a paid member of SPECIAL ACCESS.

John is also a gifted psychic, graduate of Silva Mind Control and is in direct contact with key members of the extraterrestrial/extradimensional Liberation Forces which are attempting to save not just Earth, but our entire reality, from the predations of cosmic evils so vast and alien, even H.P. Lovecraft would be left shrieking in horror.

Now you can be among the select few receiving this exclusive information and the very special insights only John Kettler can provide.



The Cost of Doing Business...

Some have asked us why we now charge for information we used to give away free. It's simple. John is not independently wealthy. In fact, he is currently on disability. Running SPECIAL ACCESS takes time and costs money. Unlike many (perhaps most) authority newsletters, we don't charge $25, $50, $100 per month or more. Our subscription fee is actually very low, and affordable to just about anyone who wants it. Far, far lower than some have advised we should charge.

But John's goal for SPECIAL ACCESS is two-fold: 1) Get this critically important info out to the people who want it, need it and appreciate it, and 2) Pay the bills and maybe, just maybe, get off of disability. Which, for those who haven't experienced it's splendors personally, really, really sucks.

For veterans, those on disability themselves and others in dire financial straights (we've all been there), FREE hardship subscriptions are available. Please contact the Webmaster: admin [at] johnkettler [dot] com.